2014 - X-Treck is awarded innovation price

At the symposium 'HIgher Poultry Health' Vencomatic Group won the ‘Poultry Innovation Award’ for X-Treck. All 230 visitors voted for the product that they perceived to be the most innovative, 80% of the votes were for X-Treck. We received the price together with the Wingens brothers, with whom we developed and tested the X-Treck.

2014 - Introduction of X-Treck

On-farm hatching is a standard feature of the Patio system, which was introduced in 2006. Vencomatic now uses this experience to enable on-farm hatching in traditional broiler houses using the new concept X-Treck, with excellent results. X-Treck provides an optimal start resulting in robust broilers and forms the basis for further profitability in broiler production.

2013 - Venco Campus received 'BREEAM Outstanding' certificate

In September 2013, the Venco Campus was awarded BREEAM certification, with an "Outstanding" rating. This means that at that time it was the most sustainable building of its type (industrial/office building) in Europe.

2013 - Establishment of Vencomatic Group

This year we launched the new corporate identity of the Vencomatic Group. With this new look we combine the colours of our three brands – Vencomatic, Agro Supply and Prinzen. We believe that the combination of these three brands has a stronger position in the market than the individual brands. Combining the brands, we offer a full range of innovative systems for equipping all types of poultry farms. This synergy will be communicated using the name ‘Vencomatic Group’ and a logo showing the three colours.


2012 - Opening Venco Campus

The Vencomatic Group's new premises were opened by His Majesty King-Willem Alexander om 13 September 2012. In coming to Eersel, the king was showing his appreciation for Vencomatic Group as a company and, in particular, for its new premises, known as the Venco Campus.

The Venco Campus was built with high ambitions in terms of sustainability, smart building and blending into the environment. And these ambitions were achieved: the building has been awarded the Slimbouwen (Smart Building) certificate and is a zero-energy building. The Campus is the most sustainable and energy-efficient commercial property in Europe. This is why Cor van de Ven, the owner ot the Vencomatic Group, was presented with the first certificate with an "Outstanding" rating from BREEAM-NL.

2012 - Vencomatic received the 'Koning Willem I' award

On Tuesday evening May 8th Vencomatic received the prestigious ‘Koning Willem I’ award 2012, in the category Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. During a festive award ceremony, at the Floriade in Venlo, Cor van de Ven received this prestigious award for entrepreneurship from the hands of His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange.

The ‘Koning Willem I’ award is the Dutch award for outstanding entrepreneurs, and often reflected upon as the Oscar for Dutch entrepreneurs.  Every two years the award is granted. The objective of the ‘Koning Willem I’ Foundation is to provide the national economy with new impulses and to subsequently improve the image of the Dutch business industry. The assessment of the jury focussed on the following aspects; guts, drive, sustainability and perseverance.

2012 - Foundation Vencogroep Asia

To serve the markets in Asia and the Pacific Vencomatic Group set up a sales office in Malaysia in 2012, called Vencogroep Asia. The dedicated team of sales and service managers represent the well-known brands Vencomatic and Prinzen to offer sustainable solutions in both housing equipment and egg handling.

2011 - Foundation Venco China (Wuxi) Poultry Equipment & Trade Co., Ltd.

Venco China is a 100% subsidiary of the Venco Groep. The company manufactures and supplies equipment for egg collection and poultry housing. Venco China utilizes the world class technology of Vencomatic and Prinzen to service their customers in China.

2010 - Vencomatic is awarded the 'Bronzen Venster'

Vencomatic Group is awarded the "Bronzen Venster", a biannual award for companies playing close attention to employees with a restriction. 

2009 - Takeover Gura / Foundation Vencomatic Ibérica

For a stronger foothold in the Iberian market Vencomatic acquired Gura in 2009, a Spanish manufacturer of poultry nests, and renamed this company to Vencomatic Ibérica. The market knowledge of Gura combined with the product range and knowledge of the Vencomatic Group results in a strong formula. With the three strong brands Vencomatic, Prinzen and Agro Supply Vencomatic Ibérica offers solutions in housing, egg handling and climate control.

2008 - Foundation Rondeel

The Rondeel housing system is a unique design for the housing of 30,000 laying hens. It was developed on the basis of a survey carried out at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, titled ‘Laying hen husbandry’, the objective of which was to secure a sustainable future for the laying poultry industry. The research team examined the areas of friction between corporate social responsibility, the needs of a laying hen and the ideal working environment for the poultry farmer. These various perspectives were adopted to draw up a joint schedule of requirements as the basis for the design of new systems for the housing of laying hens.

2007 - New premises Agro Supply, Prinzen & Vencomatic do Brasil
2006 - Introduction Patio

Vencomatic's Patio system currently accomodates 25 million bird places worldwide. On-farm hatching is a standard feature in the Patio system, ensuring direct feed and water access for all broilers directly post-hatch. The system provides a perfect environment for birds from hatching until the end of the growing period. The daily operation of the Patio system is facilitated by highly automated functions.

2005 - Introduction Duck nest

Vencomatic was the first to enter the market with an automatic nest for ducks. The Duck Nest is designed for the unique needs of water fowl, while still implementing the proven innovations of our poultry nests. The moveable back wall is used to automatically expel birds from the nest after laying, preventing broodiness in the birds. The eggs gently roll onto the central egg belt ensuring the quality of the eggs.

2005 - New premises Vencosteel
2005 - Vencomatic Construction changes its name to Vencosteel
2002 - Introduction VBS system
2001 - Takeover Bemacom
2000 - Introduction Bolegg systems
1999 - Takeover Prinzen machines
1999 - Introduction RED-L system
1998 - Foundation Vencomatic do Brasil

In 1998 Vencomatic started an office in Brazil to serve the Brazilian market. This was the start of Vencomatic do Brasil. It operated as a sales and logistics centre but expanded by setting up a local production facility. The company established itself as an innovative supplier of sustainable and poultry friendly systems. It represents the three well-known brands Vencomatic, Prinzen and Agro Supply to offer solutions in housing, egg handling and climate control.

1997 - Fifth move
1996 - Start Agro Supply
1994 - Fourth move
1994 - Introduction Veranda
1992 - Foundation Vencomatic Constructie
1989 - Third move
1989 - Takeover Poultry Best system
1989 - Introduction Vencobelt

Eggs are gently transported from different nest rows or houses to a central on-farm location with the Vencobelt. It is available in 40 and 55 cm widths and meets capacities up to 45,000 eggs per hour. The smart design of the carriers and smooth connections of the belt allow a slope up to 35 degrees and small radius corners up to 180 degrees. Furthermore only one drive chain is integrated making the belt flexible in its application, allowing a 90° corner on a single square meter.

1987 - Introduction Roll away nest for hens
1987 - Second move
1986 - Introduction Roll away nest for turkeys

Turkeys require large and robust nests that can withstand the strength of these animals. In 1986 Vencomatic developed an individual nest especially for turkeys and has a leading position ever since.

The use of durable and strong materials in combination with the specifically to turkeys adapted design, form the base for the worldwide success of this nest. Through use of the proven components like the Vencomat, tipping floor and egg belt, the quality of the hatching eggs remains perfect.

1984 - First move
1983 - Introduction litter nest for hens
1983 - Foundation Vencomatic BV

It started more than 30 years ago with one man's breakthrough development in breeder housing: the first automatic breeder nest design. An innovation that characterizes the Vencomatic Group of today. We look for alternative solutions, developing sustainable and poultry friendly systems.